2015 National Olympaid in Informatics (NOI)
  • Cai Kai Ann 4A1 Bronze
  • Damian Ho Yu Xang 3I1 Silver
  • Silas Yeo Shuen Yun 3S1 Bronze
  • Gui Ming Jiang 3S1 Silver
  • Li Yuhao from 3S1 Gold
On top of that Li Yuhao obtained the outstanding secondary school contestant

2016 National Olympaid in Informatics (NOI)
HCI awarded the runner up Secondary School awards.
  • Damian Ho Xu Yang, 4I1, Gold
  • Li Yuhao, 4S1, Gold
  • Tan Wei Seng, 4I1, Silver
  • Lim An Jun from 3S1 Silver
  • Benson Lin Zhan Li 2I3 Silver.
In addition, Benson obtained the youngest medalist award.

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