2010 National InfoComm Competition overall - Champion

1. National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) competition

On the 6th of March 2010, 10 of our students from both the high school and college section participated in the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) competition held at the National University of Singapore School of Computing. NOI tests a student's ability to solve problem through programming within a stipulated time-limit.

Below are the results:

The high school and college has both won the Top Secondary School (2nd) and the Top Junior College (1st) award respectively.

Gold Medals:
1. College: Wong Lin Kit Daniel (09S6K)
2. College: Zheng Yi (10S7D)

Silver Medals:
1. College: Zhang Yangfan (09S6F)
2. High School: Ray Yan (4S102)
3. High School: Yan Kaidi (4S132)
4. High School: Gan Wei Liang (3I308)

Bronze Medal:
1. College: Lin Shijie (09S7B)

Top Overall award:
College: Wong Lin Kit Daniel (09S6K)

Outstanding Secondary School individual award:
High School: Yan Kaidi (3S132)

Top Female award:
College: Zhang Yangfan (09S6F)

2. Splash Awards 2010

Splash Awards 2010 – themed “Web 5.0 in 2015 @School and @Play” - is a national IT competition jointly organized by the Student Chapter & the Web 2.0 SIG of Singapore Computer Society (SCS) under the umbrella of National Infocomm Competition (NIC).

Students are required to submit a PowerPoint presentation showing the idea revolving around the given theme and explaining the scenario in which the application benefits users either in school or at play.

The results were announced on July 13 @ SMU. Team CAIP from Hwa Chong (High School) consisting of Yuan Yu Chuan 4I130, Nam Jun Jie Derek 4P216, and Tan Shao Yun 4S228 has won 2nd runner-up in the Secondary category.

Other finalists include Lau Wai Hong Nicholas 3I312, Goh Jia Wen 3I204, and Mak Zhi Hao Keloysius 3I317.

Other participants are Ang Ray Yan, Wong Yi Ren, Clarence Sim, Joel Tan, Wei Liang and Colin Gay.

Mr Cheong Chong Min Kent

3. Mobile Animation Challenge 2010

Mobile Animation Challenge (MAC), a recognised national competition under the umbrella of the National Infocomm Competition, is targeted at secondary school students for the purpose of engaging them to create promotional clips on the mobile platform. This year theme is "Your Singapore: the unique experience".

The competition, organised by IDA and ITE has received 40 team entries this year, in which 26 teams were shortlisted to compete for the top 6 prizes.

I am pleased to announce that Hwa Chong Institution's Team Tequila consisting of Tan Shao Yun (4S2), Ong Ming Kang (4S3), and Ang Ray Yan (4S1) has won 1st Runner-Up in the Finals held on Sepember 2nd, 2010.

Other finalists include
Team 3CEich - Goh Jia Wen (3I2), Grady Ng Shi Kai (2O1), Chin Kee Yong (2I2)
Team MACanimators - SAMSON SIM (2P2), Zhu Zihao (2P4), Elton Pan Zi Heng (2P4)
Team ONGanimators - Ng Yi Yang (2P3), Ong Shu Peng (2P3), Goh Yong Kiat (2P3)

Mr Cheong Chong Min Kent

4. National Junior Robotics Competition 2010
The Hwa Chong Robotics Club garnered the following top awards at the recently concluded 12th National Junior Robotics Competition - 1st in the Sumobot Event, 1st runner-up in the Sprint Race and 2nd runner-up for the Best Presentation Award.


The 12th National Junior Robotics Competition is organised by Science Centre Singapore and supported by the Ministry of Education and A*STAR. The participants were judged based on their their ability to create and programme their own top-notch robots. The top teams were also credited for their problem-solving skills, entrepreneurial spirit, creativity and teamwork.


Sumobot Event - 1st Place
Cheng Wei Hong (3A3)
Glenn Hay Hui Jie (3S1)
Sit Han Yu (3I2)
Tan Yu Zhi (3S2)
Wong Jun Ming (3S2)

Sprint Race - 1st Runner-up
Chua Yi Zhe Gabriel (2A3)
Kuan Wei Heng (2A1)
Sit Han Yu (3I2)
Sit Han Zhe (2P1)
Tan Jun Ming (2A3)

Best Presentation Award - 2nd Runner-up
Jarel Teo Shao Hean (2P1)
Joel Tan (2P4)
Ng Shou Mian Samuel (201)
Tey Ming En Nicholas (2P1)

Mr Cheong Chong Min Kent

5. 26th National Software Competition 2010
On the 18 of September, Hwa Chong sent 3 teams to take part in the 26th national software competition, held at Singapore Polytechnic.

We have achieved excellent results.

For the IT quiz section, where teams were tested on their IT knowledge, we managed to clinch 1st runner up, losing by only a tiebreaker. The team consists of 3 members from ec3 club:
Yuan Yu Chuan from 4I1
Derek Nam from 4P2
Joel Tan from 3A3

For the Lego Challenge section, where teams had to program a robot to complete certain tasks, we have managed to obtain the 1st position. The team consists of 3 members from Robotic club:
Wong Jun Ming from 3S2
Tan Yu Zhi from 3S2
Cheng Wei Hong from 3A3

For the algorithm section, we are the overall champions for the 3rd consecutive year, being the only team that solved all 4 tasks presented. The team consists of 3 members from ec3 club:
Gan Wei Liang from 3I3
Yan Kai Di from 4S1
Ang Ray Yan from 4S1

Being the Champions for 3 years in the algorithm ( i.e programming ) section, our school will retain the challenge shield.

Mentor / Trainer for Lego: Kent Cheong
Mentor / Trainer for Algorithm & IT Quiz : Koh Kim Tian

6. National StrITWise Competition
On Nov 13 2010, our students took part in the StritWise Challenge organised by Nee Ann
Polytechnic, the Challenge requires teams of up to six members to participate in all three components to the competition:
  • StrITcombat : RoboCode 2.0 (simple programming to create a virtual robot to battle online)
  • StrITdesign (design of a virtual robot)
  • StrITsmart (activities on common infocomm & digital media knowledge)
We have sent 3 teams for the event ( see below ) and obtained the following results:

For StriTcombat event: 1st (Team 1), 2nd(Team 2) and 3rd (Team 3 )
For overall: 2nd (Team 1), 11th (Team 2), 13th (Team 3)

The following are the team members:
Team 1: Shao Cloud
Leader: Ang Ray Yan (4S1)

Derek Nam Jun Jie (4P2)
Edmund Lau Jia Hao (3B1)
Gan Wei Liang (3I3)
Tan Shao Yun (4S2)
Yuan Yu Chuan (4I1)

Team 2: Won In Grey
Leader: Wong Yi Ren (4S2)

Gay Wei En Colin (3I3)
Derrick Lim En Sheng (2O2)
Joel Tan Chi Hoong (3A3)
Marc Ong Tong Leong (2I2)
Lau Wai Hong Nicholas (3I3)

Team 3: Genius Whim
Leader: Goh Jia Wen (3I2)

Sim Wei Hung Clarence (3S2)
Eugene Chee You Jin (3H1)
Wong Yan Zhi (3P3)
Gu Wang Fan (2I2)
Grady Ng Shi Kai (2O1)

Teacher Mentor and i/c
Koh Kim Tian

7. [i.code] NIC competition
On 26 Nov HCI send 2 teams to take part in the above event which is one of the National InfoComm Competition circuit,
We have achieved excellent results.

The following are the team members and their awards:
Team 1 ( Champion and the Best Design):
Wong Jun Ming 3S2, Tan Yu Zhi 3S2 and Cheng Wei Hong 3A3

Team 2 ( 2nd):
Khoo Yi Han 2A1, Phua Yue Jun 2A1, Toh Wei Jie 2A1

Teacher Mentor and i/c
Joseph Tan Choo Kee

8. Singapore Games Creation competition
Singapore Games Creation Competition (SGCC), a national infocomm competition organised by Nanyang Polytechnic and IDA Singapore, gives secondary school students an opportunity to learn about digital media development and games creation. It challenges them to create their very own games. The theme for SGCC 2010 is Clean Energy & Sustainable Development!

On the results ceremony held on 25 Nov at Scape Park, Hwa Chong Team Blitz came in FIRST position (Champion) for the Stage 2 results and won themselves $1000 cash, 4 EA games software and 4 copies of Adobe CS5 Master Edition.

The team comprises:
Chee You Jin Eugene 3H1
Wong Yan Zhi 3P3
Clarence Sim Wei Hung 3S2
Goh Jia Wen 3I2

Our team achieved commendable results in Stage 2 due to sheer determination in refining the game and the great teamwork our members have shown. We improved on our stage 1 idea of a eco-city simulation game where the player is in charge of developing a city while balancing energy and water needs, without hampering the environment and development. We looked into details and specifics where players can legislate laws while building a tax-base for income. We also ensured our game had re-playability value and has a selling point in the content other than flashy graphics. The results were culminated only through the hard work and perseverance we displayed.

Other participants included:
Lee Han Cheng 4O2
Poh Yong Keat 4S2
Teoh Jie Shun 4S2
Chuah Wei Bin 3S1

Both Catholic High and Raffles Institution received a podium finish for Stage 2.

Teacher IC: Mr. Kent Cheong