Details and results of various National InfoComm Competition:

1. National Olympaid in Informatics (NOI):

On 3 Mar 2012, HCI took part in the NOI competitions, HCI has obtained the following results:
High School: 2 Silvers
1. Bernard Teo Zhi Yi (4I3)
2. Zheng Hui Yao (3S1)

College: 2 Gold, 1 Bronze
1. Gan Wei Liang ( Gold, overall champion)
2. Yan Kaidi (Gold)
3. Gu Keying (Bronze)

HCI ( College ) is the 1st Runner up the college teams.

2. Splash Awards:

On 27 Jun 2012, @Microsoft Singapore, 2 teams from Hwa Chong (High Sch) have won 2nd and 3rd in *Splash Awards 2012 in Sec Sch category. They are
1st runner up
  • Marc Ong (4I2)

  • Sun Yudong (2O2)

  • Derrick Lim (4H1)

2nd runner up
  • Eddie Lim (3A1)
  • Joel Lim (3H1)
  • Denis Lan (3H1)
Our Hwa Chong (College) team has also won champion in Junior College category.
Congratulation to all and thank you for your supports.