Topic: Web-programming & Interactivity

From Wk12 to Wk20

Wk 12
Students will learn:
1. The difference between PHP and javascript; advantages & limitations
2. How to include PHP in a webpage and execute the script.
Introduction to PHP

How the server recognize and parse PHP codes.
What server-side processing means.
Basic syntax; contrast with C++ and javascript


A list of video tuturials from Youtube will be used for self-study.

Upload and execute a PHP script:

Recap on FTP configuration and process on HCI web-server
Wk 13
Students will learn:
1. Passing form information to PHP scripts using GET/POST methods.
2. Basic file-handling functions.
3. Store and extract text data.
Assignment 7 (10)

Students will create a simple form to collect and store information from visitors.

Students will also generate dynamic web content from the information stored.

To add significance to the assignment, students will receive the marks awarded via the form they create.

Test on PHP & javascript
Wk 14, 15
Students will learn:
1. Use PHP to generate dynamic XML data
2. Use PHP functions in XML parsing.
Assignment 8 (10)

Students will work in groups to create a form for their form teachers to collate various information from the class.

Suggested information:
· Personal particulars updates
· Personal portfolio (from blogs, homepage, wikis, etc)
· Project development updates for mentors

To add credibility to the assignment, students will be assessed on the extent of external involvement (e.g. form teachers / mentors /classmates/friends ) they included in their work and their own feedback and comments.


Students will be directed to online resources to learn how to validate their XML data structure.

Wk 16-20
Students will learn
1. The structure of XML DOM in javascript
2. The stages involved in the process of loading information in AJAX.
3. Node structure of XML representation in javascript – parent-child, siblings relationships.
4. Some basic properties and functions of nodes.
Introduction to AJAX

The basic mechanics and basic application examples of AJAX

Assignments 9 & 10: (20)

1.Students will modify an existing script that uses AJAX to load additional dynamic web-contents.

2.Students will transform a given HTML source to a tree-structure diagram to illustrate the relationships between elements.

1. Students will create an entire web-page using javascript to create all the elements.

Students will use their XML profile data to store and submit the URL of their assignment.

Term 4 students will continue learning extra from here